Waiting by the Phone

by Josie Charlwood



This is the soundtrack recorded and filmed live in July 2013 of this original song written by Josie Charlwood.

You can see the live video here:


Waiting By The Phone

I've been trying so hard to please
On no account should you think this is easy for me
Now you don't answer your phone, stay home alone
Or give me any way to contact you at all
Without you, my world is feeling so small

And I'm not okay, I'm not okay with this at all

Well maybe this ain't the type of thing that two days can solve
Still I, I don't need so many people getting involved, getting involved
'cause I just think it would be easier to talk it over once than
Drag it round another five faces and call it done

Oh, 'cause I'm not okay, I'm not okay with this at all
All I want is my world back to normal

Maybe you won't, maybe you won't have time for me anymore
Maybe you don't, maybe you don't want to be involved at all
After all this time don't you think it's worth
One last try, one last call
It's just one last phone call

'Cause I'm not okay, I'm not okay with this at all


released October 10, 2013
by TobesMusic.com
ISRC: GB-2X8-13-00008


all rights reserved



Josie Charlwood UK

I am a singer/songwriter from the UK.

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