What Should Have Been

by Josie Charlwood



This is the audio track of a live video recording which can be seen here:


"What Should Have Been" - Lyrics

Had I known, for any length of time
I would’ve told you no
I would’ve changed your mind and made you sure
I would’ve made you feel like you were loved and more

I wish you’d said
So I could take those horrid thoughts out of your head
I would’ve saved us both some awful bad regret
I should’ve had you my friend, for years yet

I can’t bear, to let you down again
And know it’s for the last time,
For the last time
I can’t see, cause the air you’d have breathed has swallowed me

Fall back to now,
I still expect to have you here when I turn around
I still long to hear your voice but there’s no sound
In my mind I’m searching reasons, they go round
Round and round

And as for me, all I see is your face when I try and sleep
Kept awake by all the memories I won’t keep
Wondering why you took away what should have been


Once, twice, captured everyone
Every blink, every tear under this stone cold sun
Was it you? Was it me?
Is a question asked by everyone but you know

It’s too late now
It’s too late now
I wish you were home, but you’re not
I wish you were mind, but you’re gone
But you’re gone

I can’t bear, I let you down my friend
For the last time, for the last time
And I can’t breathe, cause the world you’ve have seen
Has captured me
Ooh, has captured me

I wish you were home,
I wish you weren’t gone.


released May 9, 2013
by TobesMusic.com
ISRC: GB-2X8-13-00003


all rights reserved



Josie Charlwood UK

I am a singer/songwriter from the UK.

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